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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

king and queen of crops

king and queen of crops

1. king of cereals - Wheat
2. Queen of cereals- Maize
3. Queen of vegetables- potato
4. Poor man`s meat- soybean
5. famine reserves- millets
6. camel crop- sorghum
7. Queen of oilseed - Sesame
8. king of oilseed- mustard
9. Queen of fodder crop- Lucerne
10.king of fodder cop- barseem
11. vegetable meat- Cowpea
12. Poor man`s substitute for ghee- Sesamum
13.poor man`s friend- Potato
14.poor man`s food- pearl Millet
15.King of weed- Congress grass
16. Drosophila of crop plants- Maize
17. king of coarse cereals- Sorghum
18. king of fruits-Mango
19.Queen of fruits-litchi
20.king of pulses-Gram
21.Queen of pulses-Pea
22.Queen of spices-cardamom
23.Queen of flower-glyodes
24.Food of god cocoa
25.Queen of beverage-tea
26.century plant-date palm
27.White gold-cotton
28.Green gold-opium
29.king of arid fruits-ber
30.Poor's men fruits-ber
31.King of tamprate fruits-Apple 32.Butter fruit-avocado
33.Adam's fig-banana
34.King of forest-teak
35.Queen of fruit - Mangosteen
36.queen of spices- cardamom
37.Poor man's orange--tomato
38.poor man's apple- guava apple - tomato of God.....coca
41.vegetarian meat- mushroom.


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