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Monday, 14 December 2015

current affairs 2016

current affairs 2016

Around India
# India ranks 130 (out of 188 countries) in Human Development Index as per UNDP Report (last year India was placed at 135th)
# Among the BRICS nations, India was ranked lowest in Human Development Index; Norway topped the list followed by Australia and Switzerland
# Problems of our Nation can be successfully handled, if we think together, work together and grow together: President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee
# Central Government has appointed Justice L Narasimha Reddy (retired Chief Justice of Patna High Court) to head the Judicial Committee which will look into the implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for the Ex- Servicemen
# Government of India has requested the States/
UTs to start “Operation Smile-II” from 1st January, 2016 to 31st January, 2016 to be rolled out throughout the country as a follow up of the earlier campaign to rescue/rehabilitate the missing children
# New website of Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) was launched ( )
# Rajasthan becomes the first State to submit Smart City Proposals (for 4 Cities) to the Ministry of Urban Development; as of now 15 Cities from 7 State has submitted (Today is the last date for submission of Smart City Proposals to the Ministry of Urban Development)
# Several States have written to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary and Finance Minister to delay the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations
# Centre approves nationwide use of IIT-M water purifier

Inside the Parliament
# External Affairs Minister, Ms. Sushma Swaraj made a Suo Motu statement in both the Houses about her recent visit to Pakistan and recent developments relating to ties between the two countries
# GST Bill in limbo as only five days remaining for the winter session of the Parliament

Indian States
# Delhi: the juvenile convict in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case may walk free on Dec 20 unless the Delhi High Court intervenes in support of the Centre's concerns
# Jammu & Kashmir: 2 heritage clusters (Jammu and Srinagar) to safeguard the world-famous art
and handicrafts
# Uttar Pradesh: women have won nearly 44% of the panchayat poll's chief posts

Tamil Nadu
# Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalithaa urged Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi to accord special sanction to provide permanent house to 2 lakh families
# Former DGP, Mr. R. Natraj back in AIADMK
# Plea to close TASMAC shops in flood affected district was dismissed by the Madras High Court
# Another Crack in Mr. Vaiko's MDMK: 4 more district secretaries join DMK
# Opposition parties tear into Chief Secretary, Mr. Gnanadesikan's defence on release of water from Chembrambakkam reservoir

World Affairs
# Pravin Gordhan, a widely respected Indian- origin politician, has been appointed as South Africa's new Finance Minister
# In a first, six countries in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) to introduce VAT [GCC - Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia andUAE]

Business / Economics
# WTO's Ministerial meeting begins at Nairobi (Kenya) today; India wants WTO to discuss farm subsidies of the rich
# RBI Governor, Dr. Raghuram Rajan met top bank heads and discussed about the bad loan woes
# Wipro and Dell join hands with Microsoft for cloud services
# Infosys invests in sports startup WHOOP

# Cricket players auction for two new IPL teams today
# Magnus Carlsen won the London Chess Classic title
# Anirban Lahiri become the fourth Indian to win the Asian Tour Order of Merit Title

# Artist K. S. Kamesh's painting "Amalgamation" has been selected for the International Artist Grnad Prize Competition 2016

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

king and queen of crops

king and queen of crops

1. king of cereals - Wheat
2. Queen of cereals- Maize
3. Queen of vegetables- potato
4. Poor man`s meat- soybean
5. famine reserves- millets
6. camel crop- sorghum
7. Queen of oilseed - Sesame
8. king of oilseed- mustard
9. Queen of fodder crop- Lucerne
10.king of fodder cop- barseem
11. vegetable meat- Cowpea
12. Poor man`s substitute for ghee- Sesamum
13.poor man`s friend- Potato
14.poor man`s food- pearl Millet
15.King of weed- Congress grass
16. Drosophila of crop plants- Maize
17. king of coarse cereals- Sorghum
18. king of fruits-Mango
19.Queen of fruits-litchi
20.king of pulses-Gram
21.Queen of pulses-Pea
22.Queen of spices-cardamom
23.Queen of flower-glyodes
24.Food of god cocoa
25.Queen of beverage-tea
26.century plant-date palm
27.White gold-cotton
28.Green gold-opium
29.king of arid fruits-ber
30.Poor's men fruits-ber
31.King of tamprate fruits-Apple 32.Butter fruit-avocado
33.Adam's fig-banana
34.King of forest-teak
35.Queen of fruit - Mangosteen
36.queen of spices- cardamom
37.Poor man's orange--tomato
38.poor man's apple- guava apple - tomato of God.....coca
41.vegetarian meat- mushroom.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

current affairs 2016

For what purpose India will be launching equity fund of $1 billion - For renewable energy

Noboru Karashima passed away, he was an - Eminent Japanese historian

Who was appointed as CFO of OlaCabs - Rajiv Bansal

Who was appointed as Secretary General of Commonwealth of Nations - Patricia Scotland

Which missile was successfully flight-tested and is developed by India and Israel - LRSAM missile
dass antony33: Current Affairs Quiz: 28 November 2015

1. Bhopal Tablighi Ijtema, one of the world's largest congregations of Muslims, began on 28 November 2105 at which place?
a) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
b) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
c) Hyderabad, Telangana
d) Kishanganj, Bihar

2. India on 27 November 2015 exchanged Notes for Official Development Loan Assistance worth 5536 crore rupees for Chennai Metro Rail Project (IV) and Ahmedabad Metro Project with
a) China
b) United States
c) Japan
d) Korea

3. Police and Traffic Police of which two cities on 27 November 2015 jointly won the Ministry of Urban Development’s Urban Mobility India Award for the year 2015 for Best Initiative for Improved Road Safety?
a) Gurgaon Police and Bhopal Traffic Police
b) Gurgaon Traffic Police and Bhopal Police
c) Gurgaon Police and Ranchi Traffic Police
d) Delhi Police and Ahmedabad Traffic Police

4. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II on 27 November 2015 opened a summit of leaders of the 53 Commonwealth nations in
a) England
b) Malta
c) Australia
d) Bahamas

5. First day-night Test started at the Adelaide Oval on 27 November 2015 with a Kookaburra ball of which colour?
a) Red
b) Purple
c) Yellow
d) Pink

6. Name the Indian-origin American billionaire who on 27 November 2015 revealed a bicycle, the Free Electric bicycle, which produces electricity when pedaled.
a) Thomas Kailath
b) Manjul Bhargava
c) Manoj Bhargava
d) Bharat Desai

7. Who was appointed as the Secretary General of Commonwealth of Nations on 27 November 2015?
a) Patricia Scotland
b) Sir Ronald Sanders
c) Loloahi Tapui
d) Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba

8. Name the Missile that was on 27 November 2015 successfully flight-tested for the first time from an Israeli Naval Platform?
a) Dhanush ballistic missile
b) Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile
c) Prithvi-II missile
d) Agni-I missile

9. What is the other name of the Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LRSAM) that was on 27 November 2015 successfully flight-tested from an Israeli Naval Platform?
a) Prithvi-II missile
b) Agni-I missile
c) Dhanush ballistic missile
d) Barak 8 missile

10. Name the distinguished Japanese historian of South India and South Asia who was an eminent Tamil Scholar and died on 26 November 2015?
a) Noboru Karashima
b) Fuyuko Kamisaka
c) Suematsu Kenchō
d) Akira Fujiwara

11. Who was appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of app-based cab operator OlaCabs on 27 November 2015?
a) Mitesh Shah
b) Rajiv Bansal
c) Rohit Chabbra
d) Karan Singh

12. Which group of countries took part in the Joint Exercise SAADMEx-2015 that was held in Delhi from 23 November to 26 November 2015?
a) G20 Countries
b) SAARC Countries
c) ASEAN Countries
d) BRICS Countries

13. The National Highways Authorities of India (NHAI) on 27 November 2015 approved a pilot project for undertaking scientific studies on designing greenbelts along national highways. The Proposal regarding was submitted by which organisation?
a) National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
b) National Environment Tribunal
c) National Environment & Planning Agency
d) National Environment Protection Council

14. The Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Friendship Motor Car Rally was flagged off on 27 November 2015 from which place?
a) Silchar, Assam
b) Dhaka, Bangladesh
c) Lalitpur, Kathmandu
d) Changzamthok, Thimphu

15. India was on 28 November 2015 re-elected as the Member of International Maritime Council for 2016-17. In which year, India joined IMO as a member-state?
a) 1965
b) 1977
c) 1959
d) 1944

1-(a)    6-(c)    11-(b)
2-(c)    7-(a)    12-(b)
3-(a)    8-(b)    13-(a)
4-(b)    9-(d)    14-(a)
5-(d)    10-(a)    15-(c)