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Thursday, 12 November 2015

modern history

modern history

Chronicle order of imp events in
Modern history (1905-1947)
a. (July) Announcement of revised scheme of
partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon.
b. (Oct.) Partition of Bengal came into force.
c. (Nov.) Establishment of the National Council of
a. (Dec.) Foundation of Indian Muslim League at
b. Starting of a National College with Aurobindo
Ghosh as principal in Calcutta.
a. Congress split in Surat
b. First Annual Session of the Muslim League at
1908 – Imprisonment of Tilak for 6 years — sent
to Mandley Jail.
1909 – Indian Council Act or Morley Minto
Reforms was passed.
a. Coronation of Delhi Darbar.
b. Partition of Bengal was revoked
c. Announcement of transfer of capital from
Calcutta to Delhi.
a. (Dee.) Bomb thrown on Lord Hardinge on his
state entry into Delhi.
b. Transfer of capital to Delhi.
c. Constitution of separate provinces of Bihar &
a. Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa.
b. Foundation of Sabarmati Ashram by Gandhi at
a. (April) Foundation of Home Rule League by
b. (Sept) Foundation of Home Rule League by
Annie Besant
c. Foundation of Banaras Hindu University by Pt
Madan Mohan Malviya.
d. Unity between moderates and extremists.
e. Lucknow Pact in which an agreement was
made between Congress & Muslim league.
f. Foundation of women’s university at Poona.
a. (April) Champaran Satyagrah by Gandhiji.
b. (20 Aug) The Congress and the Muslim league
dropped the programme of passive resistance.
c. Formation of Rowlatt Committee.
d. Annie Besant dropped the Home Rule
a. (March) Organisation of first All- India
Depressed Classes Conference,
b. Ahmedabad Satyagrah by Gandhi.
c. Khaira Satyagrah by Gandhi.
a. (Feb.) Foundation of Satyagrah Sabba by
Gandhiji against the of Rowlatt Bill
b. (6thApril) Beginning of Rolatt Satyagrah
c. (13 April) Jalianwala Baghmassacre
d. (15 April) Martial law in Punjab.
e. (Oct.) Appointment of the Hunter Committee
for the investigation of Punjab wrongs.
f. (Nov) Foundation of All India Khilafat
g. (Dec.) Montague — Chelmsford Reforms or the
Govt. of India Act 1919 was passed
h. Gandhi elected as the President of All — India
Khilafat Committee at Delhi
i. Formation of National Liberation Federation.
a. (June) Passing of Non-cooperation proposal by
Khilafat committee in Allahabad
b. (1 August) Launching of Noncooperation
Movement by the Congress
c. (Deo.) Approval and ratification of the policy of
non-violent noncooperation by the congress in the
Nagpur Session.
d. First meeting of All India Trade Union Congress
e. Foundation of the Aligarh Muslim University:
a. (3 Jan) The inauguration of the new
constitution according to the Government of India
Act 919
b. (1 Feb) Gandhi decided to embark on Mass
Civil Disobedience at Bardoli.
c. (July) Passing a resolution by All India Khilafat
Committee prohibited Muslim to serve British
Indian Army
d. (Aug.) Moplas rebellion in Malabar coast
e. Foundation of Chamber of Princess
a. (Feb.) Announcement of starting of mass civil
disobedience by Gandhi
b. (Feb) Chauri-Choura incident and suspension
of the Non-cooperation Movement
c. Opposition of Congress Programmes in Gaya
Session –
d. (May) Vishva Bharti University started by
Rabindranath Tagore –
e. (Dee) Foundation of Swaraj Partyf. Liberty
given to the people of native states to become a
member of Congress.
1923 – Compromise between Swarajijsts and the
No—Changers in the congress in the special
session of the Congress in Delhi
a. Foundation of the Communist Party byM.N.
b. Foundation of Hindustan Association by
Chandra Shekhar Azad
c. Vitthalbhai Patel elected as the President in
Centre Legislature.
a. First All India Non-Brahmin Conference held at
Belgaum under the President ship of Ramaswamy
b. Announcement of four-point programme k co-
operation with the congress by Md. Au Jinnah
lathe Nagpur session of Muslim league
a. (Nov.) Appointment of the Sim


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