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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pallava dynasity History

History of pallava dynasity:

There are many dynasity in india but every dynasity came to an end by fighting among them self . but in case of pallava dynasity the dynasity created history still now like cholas. the founder of pallava dynasity was Shimha vishnu who then known as the great king in history who continuously fought with chola dynasity and chalukya dynasity. but simha vishnu was defeated by pulakesin 1 , after that simha vishu son mahendravarman took the throne and started building the stone cut temple at 7th century which is now at mahabaliburam . this was started by him but in the mean while he was defeated by pulakesin 2 and he died . after him his son narasimhavarman took the throne and defeated pulakesin 2 and made a great victory , at last chalukya dynasity came to an end. after his victory he started completing the cave temple (mahabaliburam) then this was now known by the world wide peoples , because every statue was created from a single rock and made a history for pallava dynasity.
Pallava  dynasity History

Pallava  dynasity History

Pallava  dynasity History

Pallava  dynasity History


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