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Friday, 4 September 2015

Periyar the great

Periyar the great

Peoples born to live but some peoples born to make changes in society . such persons stay in the history of a nation, here is the hero who fought for equality. periyar born in a royal family and also in a higher caste (naikar).from his childhood he started thinking about the caste problem and its effects on lower caste people, according to him the upper caste domination on lower caste is due to such things below.

1.The job they perform

2.domination of land lords

3. low literacy rate

4.worship methods

because of his great struggle now every child pursuing  education with out partiality , salute the man who fought against caste .the former chief minister rajaji announced a new rules which made periyar to rise with anger the rule was every child should get education in morning after lunch they should learn or practice there father job , which in directly created caste domination with respect to job. periyar came across  such barriers and gave freedom for lower caste peoples.but at last he married a young lady at age of 70 for his support , this thing made bad impression on him .
Periyar the great

Periyar the great


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