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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Russia launches airstrikes on Islamic states

IS militants under attack of Russia

The ministry spokesman of Russia said that the targeted some warehouse in Syria  because the believe that this ware houses were belong to IS militants. Russian president Vladimir Putin  got approval from the parliament  for the first time to send there fleet to Syria and also Iraq. they said that already 1000 military mens of Russia were held up there in attack against IS militants.the same approval from parliament was received by Vladimir Putin during the annexation of Ukraine in 2014. Russian spokesman said that they send 28 jets  of various models for various purpose of attacks on the IS militants. they said that there will be a great difference between Russian airstrikes and american airstrikes , because Russian airstrikes sent there most power full jets. Iraq also made a decision that they are ready to share the intelligence with Russia to safe guard there borders.
Russia launches airstrikes on Islamic states

Russia launches airstrikes on Islamic states

Russia launches airstrikes on Islamic states

Monday, 21 September 2015

Rajeev shukla the interim BCCI

The interim BCCI president

Rajeev shukla is mainly known as the chairman of Indain premier league ,now he is appointed as the interim president of BCCI. He belongs to indian national congress but currently he is in the power back of BJP. until the post of president is vacant ha is going to govern it and also he need to govern the IPL (Indian premier league).
Rajeev shukla the interim BCCI

Isalmic hajj

Islamic hajj starts by tuesday

Hajj is considered as the Islamic holy land , it said to be begin by this Tuesday  so the Islamic government decided to give full protection to the people. they have arranged for 100000 troops to secure the whole place in order to maintain peace .
Isalmic hajj

Monday, 14 September 2015

Facts about india

unknown facts about india

1. INDIA discovered the number zero.

2. Sanskrit was the best programming language for computer.

3. Ambattur estate is the largest industrial area in Asia.

4. Tihar jail is the largest jail in asia .

5. missile technology was first introduced byTIPU SULTAN the tiger of mysore.

6. world largest kohinoor diamond belong to india.

7. India has the world oldest culture.

8.  plane trigonometry , continued fraction were discovered by aryabhata.

9. India has the world oldest Dynasty.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Guinness record 60th edition

New Guinness record by animals

New Guinness record by dog

A japan dog purine made a Guinness record by catching 14 balls in one minute as a goal keeper, such a small dog makes the thing possible, better it can became a real goal keeper.
New Guinness record by animals

New Guinness record by Hercules                                                                      

   Hercules was a grown male animal which was a cross of tiger and lion it weights around 418.2 kg and measures a length  of 3.33m and height of 1.25m. now its currently staying at Carolina in USA under the guidance of animal trainer moksha bybee .
New Guinness record by animals

New Guinness record by tortoise                                                                        

                                      Bertie an south Africa tortoise won the title as fastest tortoise in the world. it moves at a speed of 0.6 miles per hour while the other tortoise moves at a speed  of 0.4 miles per hour.
New Guinness record by animals

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Saina and kashyap gets into second round in japan super series batman championship

The well known women champions.

  saina nehwal and common wealth games champion parupalli kashyap gets into next level in japan super series batman championship. 

the again proves that they are real sport persons but rest of our Indian players Jwala gutta, Ashwini ponnappa , Sindhu faced defeat , however it turns into disappointing for them they missed there victory in some points.
Saina and kashyap gets into second round in japan super series batman championship

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Fundamental rights

1.rights to equality article (14-18):
     under this a person can get equal rights , no body should kept away on basis of sex, caste and birth.

2. rights to freedom article(19-22):
      You can express your ideas and thoughts any where.

3.rights to exploitation article(23-24):
    to prevent child labour.

4.rights to religious freedom article (25-28):
       people of India can change there religion according to there willingness.

5.rights to education article (29-30):
      every child should get equal education.

Important article of Indian constitutions

Indian articles are classified based on the rules , some main articles are

1.article 12-35:
     deals with fundamental rights

2.article 36-50:
     directive policies of state policy

3.article 51A:
      fundamental duty of every citizen

4.article 80;
       deals with number of seats in rajya sabha

5.article 81:
       deals with number of seats in lok sabha

6.article 343 :
        Hindi as official language

7.article 356:
        president rule in state 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Periyar the great

Periyar the great

Peoples born to live but some peoples born to make changes in society . such persons stay in the history of a nation, here is the hero who fought for equality. periyar born in a royal family and also in a higher caste (naikar).from his childhood he started thinking about the caste problem and its effects on lower caste people, according to him the upper caste domination on lower caste is due to such things below.

1.The job they perform

2.domination of land lords

3. low literacy rate

4.worship methods

because of his great struggle now every child pursuing  education with out partiality , salute the man who fought against caste .the former chief minister rajaji announced a new rules which made periyar to rise with anger the rule was every child should get education in morning after lunch they should learn or practice there father job , which in directly created caste domination with respect to job. periyar came across  such barriers and gave freedom for lower caste peoples.but at last he married a young lady at age of 70 for his support , this thing made bad impression on him .
Periyar the great

Periyar the great