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Monday, 24 August 2015

Thomas alva edison

Thomas Alva Edison

Many scientist created a mile stone but this man created new record in history . Edison born in a poor family ,he is not so smart in school days so he dis continued his studies and started selling paper in train . he learned many things practically . he set up an small area in train to do his research , on a fine morning the train gone into a sudden jerk that made the phosphorous to fall down from his lab and destroyed the whole compartment in the train. for that he was slapped by the in charge. 

Thomas Alva Edison invented filament by conducting 1200 experiments with 50 assistant. the filament experiment was done with a lean copper which was kept in an glass box . on every time of conducting current through it lead to breakage of filament at last after 1200 times of repeating the same thing leads to invention of filament.
Thomas alva edison

Thomas alva edison


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