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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kamarajar.k the king maker

kamarajar the king maker

kamarajar the king maker

Kamarajar a great leader in tamil nadu who was praised as a god by the tamil peoples . he born from a poor family and belong to a backward community he faced many problems in his life then he decided to help his peoples by providing them there basic needs like food, education and job.  He was elected as chief minister of tamil nadu , even after that he remained as a normal person. Being uneducated he proves him self as a knowledge person he introduced many schemes in order to make some development in his state , one of his scheme made many countries to look after him that was providing food in school in order to increase the literacy rate in tamil nadu because many of the peoples in tamil nadu sends there children to fire factory in order to make some money to over come there hunger . Inorder to over come this problems he introduced this schemes. He was known as the man of simplicity because he never uses government resources to lead a sophisticated life . During his death he has two pairs of dresses .


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