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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

GSAT-6 Launch today at 4:52pm from sriharikota

GSAT-6 Launch today at 4:52pm from sriharikota

INDIA Launching his 25th Geo stationary communication satellite and it was the 12th GSAT. the rocket is said to be launched from DHAWAN space center
GSAT-6 Launch today at 4:52pm from sriharikota

GSAT-6 Launch today at 4:52pm from sriharikota

GSAT-6 Launch today at 4:52pm from sriharikota
sriharikota Andhra pradesh . the whole mass of the satellite is 2117kg ,  propeller weights about 1132 kg. countdown starts from wednesday it said to be over at 4:52 pm on Thursday. after launching the satellite the satellite is going to be kept in the orbit at 83 deg east longitude , the life time of the satellite is about 9 years.  

Monday, 24 August 2015

Thomas alva edison

Thomas Alva Edison

Many scientist created a mile stone but this man created new record in history . Edison born in a poor family ,he is not so smart in school days so he dis continued his studies and started selling paper in train . he learned many things practically . he set up an small area in train to do his research , on a fine morning the train gone into a sudden jerk that made the phosphorous to fall down from his lab and destroyed the whole compartment in the train. for that he was slapped by the in charge. 

Thomas Alva Edison invented filament by conducting 1200 experiments with 50 assistant. the filament experiment was done with a lean copper which was kept in an glass box . on every time of conducting current through it lead to breakage of filament at last after 1200 times of repeating the same thing leads to invention of filament.
Thomas alva edison

Thomas alva edison

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Muhammad ali the great

Muhammad ali the great

Muhammad ali the great. the boxing hero of america his words inspired many peoples around the world , he made many records in boxing world. he use to say mind strength is more important than the body strength to reach the goal .
Muhammad ali the great

Muhammad ali the great

Muhammad ali the great

Friday, 21 August 2015

Women are registering in national election in saudi arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia are registering for the first time to vote in national election.

Malala fights for education but in Saudi Arabia women are fighting for there rights , after a long time in Saudi Arabia women are allowed to register and vote in national election . the world gets its changes when women are provided with  equal rights .
Women are registering in national  election in saudi arabia

Women are registering in national  election in saudi arabia

Women are registering in national  election in saudi arabia

Women are registering in national  election in saudi arabia

NAZI gold train found in poland

NAZI gold train found in poland

During world war the NAZI train traveled from Germany to Hungary which was carrying gold , guns , and other valuable things the worth of the   whole train is around 200 million dollars. the train was said to be missing while it is traveling under ksiaz castle canal in the region of Silesia region.
Now 2 treasure hunters where in search of the train near poland.
NAZI gold train found in poland

NAZI gold train found in poland

NAZI gold train found in poland

NAZI gold train found in poland

Malala scored top rank in school

Malala scored top rank in school

The well known malala yousafzai who fought for rights Pakistan . here motto education for every one , who was later shot down by Taliban in Pakistan now currently studying in British school where she scored six A grades which was the top score of that school . she was know by here guts 

Malala the noble price winner

She was a noble price winner ,her father Ziauddin  said that his daughter made history in women education . the UN general decided to celebrate november 10 as malala yousafzai day.
Malala scored top rank in school

Malala scored top rank in school

Malala scored top rank in school

Malala scored top rank in school

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kamarajar.k the king maker

kamarajar the king maker

kamarajar the king maker

Kamarajar a great leader in tamil nadu who was praised as a god by the tamil peoples . he born from a poor family and belong to a backward community he faced many problems in his life then he decided to help his peoples by providing them there basic needs like food, education and job.  He was elected as chief minister of tamil nadu , even after that he remained as a normal person. Being uneducated he proves him self as a knowledge person he introduced many schemes in order to make some development in his state , one of his scheme made many countries to look after him that was providing food in school in order to increase the literacy rate in tamil nadu because many of the peoples in tamil nadu sends there children to fire factory in order to make some money to over come there hunger . Inorder to over come this problems he introduced this schemes. He was known as the man of simplicity because he never uses government resources to lead a sophisticated life . During his death he has two pairs of dresses .

DNA as storage device

DNA research 

scientist discovered that the DNA has the  capacity to store 300000 of terabyte information in it. it also states that this will help us in stimulating our older generation information through DNA .
this DNA research will lead us to make some development in learning about the past and stone age information by using the present DNA. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Saina Nehwal the current hero of india

  1. Saina Nehwal is the first indian women who is currently ranked no 2 in badminton in the world by badminton world Federation women's single 2015. she also gives a pride that she was the only indian women to won medal in olympics . Nemesis Carolina Marin from spain defeated saina in the last match which is held for all england championship . saina felt so bad about her defeat she cried at the play area. being a young women she made so many achievements to make her parents and india pride among world countries.
    Saina Nehwal

    Saina Nehwal

    Saina Nehwal

Friday, 14 August 2015

Advance independence day

INDIA is going to celebrate his 69th independence day on 15th august. on this special day lets learn something about our leaders.
1. mangal pandey:
independence day
mangal pandey was one of the first freedom fighter who took part in great revolt 1857, he was a sepoy in british army during the time he killed a british officer and hanged to death

sardar vallabhai patel
independence day
He was a another personality who took part in freedom struggle and lead satyagraha in nagpur while mahatma gandhi was in jail . he also participated in quit india movement

subhash chandra bose

independence day
The great leader and brave person the founder of indian national army. at begining he went around the world to get support for our indian national army , but we din even get the body of such a great leader.

chandra shekhar azad
independence day
the another hero who joined with the young leaders like bhagat singh and started hindustan social association and fought bravely for the independence.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


The awaiting moment is here the youth icon surya next movie haiku is said to be released in december 2015. the movie was said to be a commercial one with a family story. surya makes the rest of the co actors and actress to be comfortable in shooting spot .the youth icon is in  different look .

latest pics of haiku movie

haiku a pandiraj movie
second mass

latest movie pic of haiku
latest movie pic

selfie of surya and amala paul in haiku
selfie of surya and amala paul in HAIKU

Monday, 10 August 2015

sundar pichai new ceo of google

This news says that indians are amazing in thinking and expressing there idea , MR SUNDAR PICHAI was announced as the new ceo of google the main thing that we want to notice is he is an indian and belong to chennai . many peoples use to change there names after they are known by all vips but sundar pichai din changed his name it shows that he dont want to loose his birth identity. formerly he was working in microsoft as an higher authority person.
sundar pichai new ceo

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Here is our favourite hero vijay's puli latest look.


ilayathalapathy vijay looks like a real puli in shooting , shooting held at angkor wat temple the world largest temple which is at Cambodia it was a famous shiva temple . the shooting was planned to held there for two days the shot planned was a song between vijay, hansika and shruti haasan .
puli shoot unseen

puli shoot unseen

puli shoot unseen

puli shoot unseen
vijay kept more active through out the shooting time and keep on thinking about his next shot .

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Airtel was the first telecommunication network to launch 4G in INDIA , this scheme gets more encouragement among people , airtel challenged that if any network company beats there speed of data or any individual proves that any network is speeder than airtel they will be provided with life time free data and call.this is the open challenge gave by airtel.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

china breaks india world record

formerly INDIA has the largest umbrella it has a diameter of 17.6 meter and 10.97 meters in height it weights 2200 kilograms in 2010 , now CHINA  beats india my making an umbrella with 23 meters diameter and height of 14.4 meters  it weights around 5700 kilograms.
largest umbrella


Kerala journalist who was working for some years in an malayalam new paper as a journalist was attracted by the ideologies of isis and he now joined in that group he was inspired through social media . he mentioned his joining in facebook

Pakistani terrorist got arrested

Pakistani terrorist got arrested his name was mohammad naved he was now known as next ajmal kasab he was been captured by our brave indian village peoples , naved says that killing is a joyfull thing he entered india by killing two bsf jawans in jammu and kashmir. he smiled when our police arrested him and some times kept calm .

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


The gps device recovered from terrorist last monday in punjab attack has the details about attacking temple and colleges . the following temple were being kept in full security intelligence report says that the attack may be planned in SAJOTI MATA JI TEMPLE, CHHOTU NATH MANDIR, SSM COLLEGE IN DINANAGAR .
 This group creates fear among people because they planned to hijack police stations.

Monday, 3 August 2015

INDIA going to launch satellite for usa

INDIA launched 5 satellite for uk , now india is going to launch a satellite for USA . with his polar satellite launching vehicle , the chairman of INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION
MR . A S KIRAN KUMAR said that USA was the 20 country to send satellite with india .


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Indian isp start blocking porn sites in india

A step forward our isp (internet server provider) blocked all porn sites in india in order to save our youth power . the network companies which were held in blocking are bsnl , airtel , mtnl . the porn sites will be displayed as a blank page . the porn based topics in twitter and reddit were also kept blank by the telecommunication department of india .

this is mainly due to the increase in criminal activities in all states day by day , to protect our women from such disasters this action has been taken. 

Pakistan violates ceasefire agreement in loc

pakistan army violates the ceasefire agreement in loc on sunday . they opened fire on indian areas krishna ghati and mandi sector of poonch district  at 9.30 pm
they opened fire in some other sectors like balakote sector of rajouri district and pallan walla district in jammu and kashmir. our bsf (border security force) gave them a equal fire and kept our loc (line of control ) safe